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Great Bright Umbrella was founded in 1989, is located in Taoyuan Town, well know as “China umbrella & canopy export base”, Guangdong Province, which is fresh, natural and beautiful.

  • We are a professional industrial company specialized in umbrella design and manufacturing for more than 30 years, the top 5 professional Umbrellas and Tents manufacturer in China.

  • the President unit of heshan umbrella industry chamber of Commerce.

  • We have more than 600 skilled employees, and the factory covers 20,000 square meters, We can produce more than 30000 umbrellas a day.

  • Our own brand GBU is famous in China due to the high quality & competitive price.

  • We explore overseas markets DBA Jiangmen Best Hope Company Limited, Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and all over the world.

  • Our main products are: reverse umbrella, children umbrella, golf/straight umbrellas, beach umbrellas, sunny umbrella, boutique umbrella, advertising umbrella, promotional gift umbrella, folding umbrella, garden umbrella, courtyard umbrella and tent. We can make customer's logo or design by screen printing or heated-transfer printing on umbrellas, especially heated-transfer printing. So we can offer a range of Promotional umbrella with fashional styles and lowest price

  • We are trying our best to develop and manufacture more and more umbrellas with high quality and promote the development of umbrella cultural in the world.


Take care of your every umbrella with our 30 years of brand experience.



We are mainly engaged in three brands: "GBU" is about high-end fashion boutique umbrella series, "peach blossom rain" is about women's Sunny and Rainy umbrella series, "Mingshi" is about men's Sunny and Rainy umbrella series. 

  • We have more than 200 market dealers in China, supplying markets, stores and large supermarkets, with a rising market share. 

  • We also working with many famous brand for OEM & ODM projects, such as JD.COM, CHANEL, PANDORA, LANCOME, XIAOMI, DISNEY and Miniso etc.

  • In terms of export business, based on quality assurance and fast delivery, it is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and other countries.

  • In 2021, the sales equivalent to RMB has exceeded 200 million yuan.


In the face of fierce competition, we believe that adhering to excellent quality, loyal service and professional spirit is the basis for the enterprise. We attaches great importance to product quality requirements, and technology and management meet industry standards. 

  • Successfully passed ISO9001 2000 quality system certification.

  • Although modern technology has replaced many traditional handicrafts, experienced teachers still cut fabrics with more texture in links such as cloth cutting. Therefore, when producing some high-quality umbrellas, we will choose to let the master operate by hand.

  • In recent years, we had invested more than 1 million yuan in product research and development every year, and hired graduates from well-known professional colleges as designers to design and develop a number of umbrella products at the forefront of the industry.

  • "Faint fragrance of fruit", "Muji", "exotic", "heart of angel", "lucky grass"... The names of these umbrellas can give people infinite reverie.


Taoyuan town has more than 100 tent production enterprises. The tent production of the whole town accounts for more than 40% of the total tent production in China, and the manufacturing level is also in the leading position in the industry. 

  • In 2014, Taoyuan town was rated as "China's umbrella and canopy export base".

  • There are more than 400 umbrella making and related supporting enterprises in Taoyuan Town, with a total output value of 3.936 billion yuan. At present, Taoyuan town has become one of the largest production base of series tent umbrellas, advertising umbrellas and beach umbrellas in China.

  • In 2015, we cooperated with Wuyi University to establish the "industry university cooperation education base", which not only provides a practice platform for the University, but also injects new impetus into the sustainable development of the enterprise.

  • Last year, we produced more than 100 series of umbrella products, with an annual output of 250000 dozen. The products are exported to all parts of the country and become the leader in the umbrella industry in Guangdong Province.



  • As the president of Heshan umbrella industry chamber of Commerce, MR. HE led 13 member enterprises to Xiamen, Fujian to participate in the annual meeting of the umbrella making professional committee of China daily miscellaneous Industry Association, so as to strengthen industry exchanges, concentrate and seek common development.

  • "In fact, along the way, it is most appropriate to use eight words to describe the 'GBU' and Taoyuan umbrella industry, that is - from scratch, from small to large." MR. HE told reporters.

From umbrella workers to business owners

  • MR. HE recalled that in the early days of reform and opening up, Taoyuan Town introduced a foreign umbrella making enterprise. At that time, it adopted the most advanced Taiwan technology, which attracted a large number of local people to work in the factory, and the 18-year-old himself became one of them.

  • From the introduction of the first umbrella making enterprise in Taoyuan town to now, the town has more than 400 umbrella making and supporting enterprises. MR. HE is a witness and participant in the development and growth of "Taoyuan umbrella". 

  • In those days, MR. He worked as a technician in cloth cutting, umbrella frame and other posts. After being familiar with various technologies, he became a purchaser, met many people in the industry and learned a lot of market information. During this period, downstream enterprises in the umbrella industry in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Foshan and other places also sprung up, and the number began to increase significantly. MR.HE noticed the business opportunities.

  • After working for several years, MR. HE founded his first umbrella factory in Taoyuan in 1989. At that time, there were only three locomotives and five or six employees in the factory, mainly on behalf of processing. When the worker asks for leave, he takes the shift himself. When the equipment breaks down, he repairs it himself. He is both a boss and a waiter. Even so, his umbrella making business has not improved. He visited customers and peers regularly to learn the latest information about the umbrella industry.

  • During that time, MR.HE met a customer in Guangzhou and learned that a large number of his orders were handed over to state-owned enterprises, but some enterprises had unstable umbrella specifications and declining product quality. Just when the customer was worried about this, MR. HE volunteered to come to the door and said that he could try to process a batch of umbrella products first, and then sign a OEM contract with him if the quality was excellent.

  • Although the number of umbrella products for trial processing is small, MR.HE attaches great importance to it and even produces a number of products with qualified quality by himself. When the first batch of umbrellas were delivered, the other party trusted him and signed a two-year contract with him at one go. This event not only gave him hope in the low period of his career, but also gave the enterprise momentum for development.

  • In 1995, MR. HE expanded the original plant to 4500 square meters, registered umbrella trademarks such as "Mingshi" and "taohuayu", recruited a large number of employees and began to grow rapidly.

  • At the time when production enterprises generally relied on quantity to win, MR. HE paid great attention to product quality and regarded it as the core competitiveness of enterprises.

  • MR. HE said with a smile: "there are 14 production processes for a small umbrella, such as large cutting, edge pulling, small cutting, silk screen printing, lamination, topping, tape beating, etc. when I first started, I was almost personally involved in each process, so I was very familiar with all technical links, which laid a good foundation for the later development of my enterprise. I am grateful for my experience in that period." MR. HE did not avoid his experience as a front-line worker. Instead, he was grateful and regarded that experience as wealth.

  • Think about what consumers want and constantly push through the old and bring forth the new

  • In 2000, MR. HE registered and established GREAT BRIGHT UMBRELLA. and began to put a large number of advertisements in CCTV and professional wholesale markets. The company's operation soon made a profit. 

  • In recent years, the number of umbrella making enterprises in Taoyuan town and surrounding areas has doubled. In order to remain invincible in such an environment, we must have products with their own characteristics and logo. In 2006, MR. HE officially registered the "GBU" umbrella trademark. "Three fold Jiuhe version", "ultra light pencil umbrella", "four fold external reproduction" and other products have been listed one after another, blowing a design concept wind full of humanism and fashion spirit in the industry. The enterprise successfully embarked on a road of differentiated operation.

  • In recent years, with the rising of labor cost year by year, many traditional manual manufacturing industries are facing losses or even bankruptcy. MR. HE invests nearly 1 million yuan in equipment transformation every year, such as changing the traditional manual sewing umbrella into machine sewing umbrella. One machine is equivalent to the production capacity of five or six workers; The umbrella rolling link will also realize the technical transformation from people to equipment. These equipment transformation and technological upgrading not only save labor costs, but also improve production efficiency.

  • Although modern technology has replaced many traditional handicrafts, in links such as cloth cutting, the cloth cut by an experienced teacher Fu has more texture. Therefore, when producing some high-quality umbrellas, he will choose to let the master operate by hand.

  • MR. HE said: "consumers' concept of umbrellas is constantly changing. Only from the perspective of consumers, continuous innovation and thinking can be recognized. Therefore, we has been constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new in its products all the time."

  • In addition, in the past two years, we began to increase product types and try to use the original equipment and assembly line to manufacture tents. Last year, the annual output reached 300000 sets. The "Zhengda" umbrella tent frame designed and produced by the company has also become a national utility model patent.

  • MR. HE introduced that in the past, because Heshan was close to Hong Kong and had developed land and water transportation, many Hong Kong funded enterprises chose to find local enterprises for OEM, and most of their products were exported for export. Now most of their products are gradually converted to domestic sales. Enterprises should learn from good experience here. He believes that the highest ideal of every umbrella making employee is to actively innovate, improve the brand and strive to promote the development of domestic umbrella technology and umbrella culture.

  • MR. HE also promoted Heshan umbrella industry chamber of Commerce to organize members to hold a series of seminars, training courses, exhibitions, investigation and other activities. 

Heshan Great Brighten Umbrella Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Best Hope Company Limited

Address: No. 2, Xingye Street, Taoyuan Town,

Heshan City, Guangdong Province

Take care of your each umbrella.

Since 1989.

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National sales hotline: 400-100-2223

Email: besthope@gdgbu.com 

A professional manufacturer for umbrellas & tents.

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